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Our Services

Our Services

Property Preparation and Rental Amount

Our property manager and agent will meet with you to assess your property. At this step, they will evaluate the property for any improvements to get the optimal amount of rent. The improvements, such as inside reparations and paintings will be done with contractors that we will hire. These contractors will be people that we have been working with over 2 years and are fully qualified. All construction will not begin before you approve.

Finding a Tenant

Our property manager will meet with you to discuss a strategy on finding a tenant. This will include the target tenant type and marketing strategy. The tenant will only be placed after your approval.

Tenant Screening

We ensure to get you the tenant that fits your criteria. Each tenant will be screened by the property manager and all required background checks will be completed by us.

Rent Collection

The property manager will collect all rents, and deal with any issues at hand. We normally collect the rent at the end of each month, and will deposit the owner's share within the next day. In the case of missing payment, the property manager will take the required actions. This includes giving notice to tenant and the eviction, if necessary.

Property Maintenance

We will take care of maintenance and repairs of the property. The property manager will conduct monthly inspections and coordinate any required work. Upon the need of a repair, our team of handymen will be called to the site. We promise to investigate and give you an estimate of the work within 24 hours. No work will be done without the property owner's approval.

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